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TOKIFUDE トップ画像(イラスト/がらぴい)

TOKIFUDE is a creative team specializing in manga and illustrations. We strive to create an enjoyable environment for everyone involved in content production, making it easier for creators to be creative.

Manga Creation

Whether an original creation or an adaptation of existing source material, we can help you produce your manga from scratch.

Webtoon Creation

We offer comprehensive services for the production of webtoons. Alternatively, we can help you with individual tasks such as illustration.

Illustration Services

With our diverse team of talented illustrators, we can create illustrations that perfectly match your desired style.

Scenario Creation

We provide original story production and scriptwriting services for manga, including for novel adaptations and original concepts.

Character Creation

Whether you require a dashing gentleman, a beautiful girl, or a mascot, we can cater to your character needs.

Manga Illustration for Corporate Clients

We produce cartoons and illustrations for corporate brochures and product introductions.


At our art school, we support the development of creators and facilitate job placement.

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